November 12, 2014

It is coming up on the cold days of snow and winter now and I’m thinking of…cabinet doors and storage options. What can I say…there are reasons for my thought processes!  This week I have spoken with several folks looking for some very specific things in regards to their cabinetry and after discussing these with some of our designers, I thought this was worth a comment.  There are several things trending in cabinetry these days, and we have been watching with interest.  Here are a few of the most notable:

Slab Style Doors:


A very sleek, modern look is most definitely the slab style door.  There are no nooks and crannies to try to clean out if there are spills, it never really goes out of style, it can be done with: wood, veneers, MDF, laminate, bamboo, among others!  For those looking to meld modern and rustic together, how about a slab door with the rustic knotty look?  Stunning!  This is also a trend in Europe right now - with slim-line hardware or none at all, simply push to open.  Hardware can still add a lot to this look, however, look for simple lines and finishes that accent the wood or the paint.  Also consider that in some slab-style doors, the grain can run horizontal or vertical!  What a great way to give your kitchen or vanity an unexpected look.


Columbia Cabinets Exotic Veneer Slab Door


Cabinet Doors With Glass or Other Fun Fillings:


Who knew you could do SO many fun things with cabinet doors?  You can get many cabinet doors set for glass and then the fun begins.  You can look around for a variety of types of glass to set inside from stained glass to bubble glass or really any kind, even a mirror; different types of plastic set with natural grasses or flowers; glass with HD prints and in a wide choice of colors; wire mesh of all sorts of sizes and types of metal; sheets of metal or even painted with chalk board paint.  This is one of those rare things in the world where there are almost no limits.   


Columbia Shaker Kitchen Display With Stained Glass, Standard Glass and Wire Mesh Inserts. Also With Open Cabinetry


Open Cabinetry:


One of the most common requests I’ve had recently is for the upper cabinets to be open cabinetry – either with the cabinet box and shelves but no door or more often floating shelves.  This is an option that can limit you as far as how much you can put on the shelves so definitely double check if you do floating shelves how much weight they are able to handle. They might not be the best option for all of those cookbooks or heavier serving items. As a look, however, they can be gorgeous. Whether done with simple clean lines or with the rustic beauty that reclaimed wood can bring to a design, this can be a wonderfully open look.  Something I’ve seen online as well for open cabinetry or the extra tall cabinetry (floor to ceiling looks) is library ladders.  Why have a step stool handy when you can simply roll your ladder over and up you go!  Clearly this isn’t for everyone, but it’s certainly a different look for the kitchen. 


Open Shelving Photo Found On Pinterest


Pots and Pan Storage:


There are also a couple of great choices out there to help keep the pots and pans from taking over your base cabinetry.  One of my favorites is a brand new goodie called Glideware.  This can be fit into an existing (or new) cabinet and can hold a number of pots and pans – it is completely adjustable and can also be used in any number of settings whether it’s a pantry to hang longer cleaning tools or in a closet for purses, belts, or scarves.  A very handy tool, indeed! 
Another option for pot and pan storage would be a large drawer – now this can be just a drawer or it can have pegs set in so that everything has a place and stays in that place as the drawer opens and closes. Often these come with pegs set so that you can keep the lids with the pots and pans, too. Very handy!  Whatever helps keep you organized and keeps the kitchen looking great is the goal. 


There are new things coming out in this field every day; each of them more inspiring than the last.  Let those new ideas lead you to the kitchen you didn’t know that you always wanted. Enjoy the process!  



Glideware Photo from and Dura Supreme Pot and Pan Drawer With Lid Storage




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