At the start of any new year, thoughts turn to things we’d like to change. In our business, this means new kitchens. We speak to people every day who want to change anything from their countertops to their entire kitchen. Watching the Home & Garden television shows can lead to a stronger desire to change things around the home. Change seems to be the operative word here. If changing your lifestyle starts with your diet, why not make your kitchen fit that new way of living!


Another issue that can push the idea of changing space is a need to make a kitchen more user-friendly. How do you fit more people in the room, for example, is a question we hear often especially around the holidays. Family is visiting, friends; it’s a social event and everyone congregates around the kitchen – that is easier to do if there’s a flow to the room and there are places for people to sit around a peninsula or an island. If you don’t use your kitchen as much, you may also want to simplify the design – make it fit your lifestyle – make finding what you need easier giving you less time in the kitchen and more time doing what you love.

What changes do you want to make in your home this year? The two most common rooms we are hearing about are the kitchen and the master bathroom. We are also seeing a rise in bar spaces in the home: a basement bar, a juice bar, a coffee bar…a place to keep everything off the kitchen counter and in its own space. You can also find inspiration for which spaces to upgrade just about anywhere. Even in Montana we are seeing a growing interest in outdoor kitchens (mostly a covered patio version, but there are others, too) particularly around the many lakes in the area. Speaking of outdoors, building decks and beautifying the landscaping is equally important to a home’s value and enjoying the use of that space.

photo 2.PNG

You are the one who gets to live with the changes you make – so be sure to do what you love. Your kitchen and indeed your home should be the place that makes you feel comfortable, happy, and even proud. Whether you start with something small or take on the whole room at once or the whole home; a fresh start in any space can be a healthy choice for a new year!

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