I need a new kitchen...where do I start?!

We see this every day: a customer walks in hoping to get a quote for a kitchen renovation but has no idea where to start. The process is very simple and can be relatively painless. In order to get a bid for your new kitchen, we need a couple of things first:

Measurements of the space

A basic sketch of the area

Current placement of the major appliances

Walls, Windows, Doors, and measurements of each

Type of stove or cooktop, type of sink (undermount or top mount), wall ovens?

Once we have the above, we can work with you on the next step: Do you need cabinets only? Cabinets and countertops? Just the countertop? Will you need us to design cabinetry for your kitchen only or would you like us to look at other rooms as well? Bathrooms almost always have some kind of cabinetry whether it’s a vanity or a toilet topper. Living rooms can have cabinetry built in to look like furniture such as entertainment centers or shelves on either side of a fireplace. Perhaps you have been thinking of a breakfast nook with bench-style seating that has drawers underneath for storage. This is all in the realm of possibility. If you can dream it, chances are it can be done.

We are asked almost daily if we can give a ball-park figure for these cabinets or that countertop. We would love nothing more, however, if we did give you a number based on a conversation, it wouldn’t be anywhere close to the actual bid. The bids we do give are in writing and will show you everything that is included from cabinetry to professional installation. We can also work with you to design a space that inspires and that brings what you are looking for to the space and also something that comes in on budget! As design professionals, we take pride in not throwing random numbers out to our customers; we would rather find answers to their questions and give them what they need. The benefits of this attention to detail and designer/client teamwork approach are many and varied. Above all, clients most often feel that their concerns are acknowledged and responded to, their questions were taken seriously and they felt taken care of.

So at the end of the day, what does all of this mean? You deserve the kitchen of your dreams. You also deserve to have someone help you through who can help make that dream kitchen a reality while ensuring that each of those items on your wish list can become a reality and on budget. You deserve a design team that knows what a project like this can involve and can walk you through the process with minimal stress and maximum support and communication. Stop in and let us show you what can be done with the space you have and see what potential looks like!


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